Orvieto Way of Life

Il Consorzio Turistico Territoriale “Orvieto Way of life” was established in 2010, (https://www.orvietonews.it/economia/2010/06/12/nasce-il-consorzio-turistico-territoriale-orvieto-way-of-life-24777.html) exclusively formed by private individuals. Among its main objectives, it outlines the promotion of Orvieto, its district, and its enogastronomic excellences both in Italy and abroad, fostering collaborations with similar entities and institutions even at the interregional level. The founders of the Consortium – Alfredo Branca, Riccardo Cristofari, Giuliano Portarena, and Giuseppe Santi (currently President) know-how belong to well-established tourist sectors in the city of Orvieto (Hotels and Restaurants), bringing expertise that has led to the development of projects and the ability to engage with the Municipality and its administration from the outset. The Consortium’s activities have never ceased, with each event being connected to the city fabric, proposing, each time, the recovery of past events that have highlighted the typical products of the territory and good wine.   Main Events organized byConsortium“Orvieto Way of life”:
  • Orvieto con Gusto, 2012-2013
  • Lotteria Città di Orvieto, 2012-2013-2014-2017
  • Overture di Primavera, 2013-2014
  • Luminarie Città di Orvieto, 2013-2014-2015
  • I nuovi Bianchi, 2017-2018
  • Orvieto, città del Gusto e dell’Arte, 2021
  • Orvieto, città del Gusto, dell’Arte e del Lavoro, 2022
  • Orvieto, città del Gusto, dell’Arte, del Lavoro e dell’Innovazione, 2023
  • Le Stelle di Orvieto, 2023-2024
  The collaboration between the Consortium and the Municipality of Orvieto has solidified, particularly in re-introducing one of the city’s most beloved events. In 2012, Orvieto con Gusto. It is a high-level format where genuine products tied to tradition are exalted while constantly embracing innovation. The historical heart of the festival is the renowned “Passeggiata con Gusto”, , narrating the city’s story through a scattered restaurant experience, tasting selected products paired with the Orvieto wine list. An itinerant lunch, divided into four stages, traverses the ancient medieval streets to the heart of prestigious palaces, uniting visual and gustatory experiences.